Finding You a Job During The Pandemic – How Our Candidate Journey Has Changed!

by | Dec 3, 2020 | Candidate Tips

Finding a job seemed difficult before, and now it seems almost impossible, right?

Well, not with Team4You. We know how to secure the right role for you and despite all the rest of the changes happening in the world, our ability to do that hasn’t.

 What has changed though, is how we do it.

We have adapted our process to work best for you. Pandemic or not, we are here for you.

So, what’s changed?

There are more candidates than ever at the moment, whilst less businesses are hiring due to the economic fallout.

However, at Team4You, we are still maintaining a positive attitude and continuing to support our candidates by matching the right people to the right roles. The only difference is that we are now doing so from a safe distance.

All of our interviews are now being held online.

To prepare yourself for this, it’s important that you set up ahead of time. Check the connectivity of your Wi-Fi, find a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted, and clear your background of clutter.

No one invited your nosy housemate to interview and no one wants to see a pile of your dirty laundry.

Presenting yourself in a good light also means changing out of your pyjamas (at least on the top half!) and ensuring your face is clearly visible, both of which will help us see you as a top candidate and make you feel more confident.

Your interview with us is so we can match you to the right role and support you in getting it. Show us what you’ve got!

What hasn’t changed?

Even with online interviews, the classic do’s and don’ts remain the same. You should research the business and position you’re applying for as usual and have evidence at the ready to back up your key skills.

Plus, even though you can’t impress your interviewer with a firm handshake, remember to make eye contact by staring directly into the camera lens.

To come across as genuine and authentic, all you really have to do is be yourself. And this goes for everything, from being human in your online interview to creating a great, personalised CV.

Your CV remains a vital element of the recruitment process, after all.

You might regard 2020 as a write-off, but including what you’ve been doing over the past few months to stay proactive will definitely make you stand out.

What’s more, writing a catchy opener about who you are and what it is you aim to do shows that you are more than just your past job titles, despite the obvious need to demonstrate a clear record of your experience.

You don’t have to include everything if you don’t think it’s relevant so don’t go delving into the history books, but what you do choose to include should be detailed-oriented and well-written.

Something as small as a spelling mistake or punctuation error can be make or break when it comes to deciding between you and another candidate, so don’t forget to check, check, and check again!

Because we do recruitment differently, we will also ask you to do a video introduction of yourself to send to our clients ahead of time.

CV’s and interviews are great, but to be the right fit, you need to showcase YOU. The short video allows you to come across relaxed outside of an interview setting. It also means you feel familiar to our clients before the interview.

We hope that this article has provided you with a little peace of mind and some ideas to keep moving forward. It’s all about staying motivated, working together, and lending a helping hand, which is why we provide continual support both on a one-to-one basis and across our social media platforms here Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram.

Plus, see the live vacancies that we have on offer here.

Take care and we will catch you soon.

What our Clients Say

…Team4you were offering a refreshing and new approach to how they undertook the challenge of providing us with a recruitment solution. I was delighted with what was on offer, and the simplicity that it offered. The proposal was simple and was based around a “Let us get to know you” proposal. Team4you already had extensive recruitment knowledge, and were keen to demonstrate their industry knowledge and how they operate…

Charles Pierce MIoD,
Managing Director, Darwin Group

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