How Team4You is Facing COVID Head On

by | Nov 24, 2020 | Team News

At Team4You, we like to think that we are constantly growing, expanding, and adapting to challenges. It’s all about maintaining a positive mental attitude, so we try to see every glass as half-full rather than half-empty.

It goes without saying, though, that 2020 has been a huge challenge for everyone. Who could have seen a global pandemic coming?

Luckily for us, before COVID hit, we were already set up to operate remotely.

What that means for our clients and candidates

We’re a fully paperless office and we have been from day one. Protecting the environment as well as the safety of our clients and candidates. You don’t need to come in and be in contact with us, plus you don’t have to share those pens or that piece of paper with us.

Everything is done online. From getting to know you to interviews, to paperwork and documents, we’ve got you covered. Safely.

Getting everyone to bounce back.

One thing that everyone has found quite challenging over the past few months is the amount of people that have been made redundant or lost their job. There are now a lot more candidates for every position that we have, more than ever before.

However, thinking on the bright side, we now have a greater variety of candidates to present to our clients. (And we’ve even been able to steal a few of the best ones for ourselves, having hired Otis and Amilya despite the challenging times!)

Meaning we have more dedicated team members to find you the right fit, be that candidate or career.

How we protect our people

We have always prioritised our workers’ welfare, but now we’re working extra hard and in line with COVID conditions to ensure their protection.

If you go to work through Team4You, you can rest assured that we have been to that workplace and checked that it adheres to governmental regulations.

Our team values open communication and transparency above all else. That’s why we tell you about the procedures that businesses are putting into place to mitigate your concern.

We offer a listening ear and helpful advice so that you can feel confident in yourself, in your employer, and in us.

Should you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us over the phone on 01743 627404.

Take care, stay safe, and remember we’re here for you.

What our Clients Say

…Team4you were offering a refreshing and new approach to how they undertook the challenge of providing us with a recruitment solution. I was delighted with what was on offer, and the simplicity that it offered. The proposal was simple and was based around a “Let us get to know you” proposal. Team4you already had extensive recruitment knowledge, and were keen to demonstrate their industry knowledge and how they operate…

Charles Pierce MIoD,
Managing Director, Darwin Group

Free Consultation

An initial consultation with Team4You is free, whether you want to speak on the phone, Zoom or face-to-face. We have offices in Birmingham, Shrewsbury and Liverpool, and naturally we adhere to all the Government’s safety guidelines.

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