Bounce Back Strong! – How We’re Helping Local Businesses!

by | Jan 12, 2021 | Employer Tips

Being a local business ourselves, ensuring the growth and success of other local businesses is hugely important to us.

But how are we doing that? What makes us different? And how can we help YOU?

How we support your culture and growth

We have the local knowledge to understand your target audience, the current trends, and where to go next.

It’s all about reaching the next stage of your business’s development. We love hearing when a client has reached a significant milestone and never fail to toast to other people’s success, writing glowing testimonials when they’re really deserved!

Plus, we always make a point to highlight the benefits of working for smaller SMEs. We offer all of our clients the chance to promote their businesses through Team4You, including promotional videos to show off their team, their workplace, and what they are working towards.

Over the last few months, work has been tougher than usual for everyone. But we have continued to support local businesses by suspending all of our payments, giving them the opportunity to survive the pandemic and strive forwards.

We inspire the confidence in your business it deserves!

How we support your financial situation

If our clients feel protected, then we feel that we have done our jobs right. To ensure this, we make our payment terms work for you.

With Team4You, we have six month payment terms, making recruitment affordable for every business irrespective of size. Not only do we protect your cash flow now, but we protect your future assets by finding the perfect person to help you expand, grow, and succeed.

After all, that’s what we do most of all: we help businesses by finding the right candidate to fit their team, their environment, and their ethos.

To find out how else our business can help yours, get it touch with us here today.

Take care and catch you soon.

What our Clients Say

…Team4you were offering a refreshing and new approach to how they undertook the challenge of providing us with a recruitment solution. I was delighted with what was on offer, and the simplicity that it offered. The proposal was simple and was based around a “Let us get to know you” proposal. Team4you already had extensive recruitment knowledge, and were keen to demonstrate their industry knowledge and how they operate…

Charles Pierce MIoD,
Managing Director, Darwin Group

Free Consultation

An initial consultation with Team4You is free, whether you want to speak on the phone, Zoom or face-to-face. We have offices in Birmingham, Shrewsbury and Liverpool, and naturally we adhere to all the Government’s safety guidelines.

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Our Mission

To be educators and leaders in ethical recruitment.

To create amazing opportunities for driven people.

To never ask for exclusivity. We are confident in our service.

To do things the right way, always.

To provide the highest standards of service and care.

To become the partner you wouldn’t be without.

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