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For working professionals, LinkedIn has become the new Facebook. It’s how we network and connect with others. It’s how we share interesting and relevant content. It’s how we search for new opportunities.

But that doesn’t mean everyone is using it to the best of their advantage… or even using it at all. Here are some of our “do’s” and “don’ts” when it comes to creating a great LinkedIn profile that will help you reach your career goals!

DO upload a profile picture

DON’T use that blurry one from last Saturday night

They say that a picture speaks a thousand words.

So you have to decide what it is you want to say to your connections, colleagues, and potential employees.

If you want your headshot to scream “fun and carefree,” then feel free to upload a photo of you dancing the night away with a drink in hand. But if you want it to present yourself as “focused and dedicated,” it’s time to think about getting professional headshots.

You don’t necessarily have to be in a suit and tie, nor do you have to have a serious expression. A smile can make a great first impression.

DO include a strapline

DON’T make it boring or simply use your job title

After your profile picture, this is what visitors will see first when looking at your LinkedIn.

It’s your elevator pitch. Your strapline should reflect who you are as well as what you do – sharing something personal makes you appear more approachable and will make others more likely to reach out.

Try to make it memorable, too. Buzzwords like “team player” and “motivated individual” are so overused that recruiters and employers barely register them, which is why defying expectations can be so refreshing.

You need to stand out from the crowd.

DO grow your network

DON’T be afraid to make connections

Anyone looking for a job should already recognise the importance of networking.

On LinkedIn, the size of your network matters more than ever. It’s such a massive search engine that, if you’re not well-connected, there’s a strong chance you’ll get lost in a crowd of similar job-seekers and not show up if anyone tries to search for you.

Make sure you engage with your connections, like their posts, and respond with relevant, thoughtful comments. After all, it only takes reaching out to one person to achieve that dream job!  

DO post engaging content

DON’T share what you wouldn’t want your boss to see

It might be a personal update. It could be something exciting you’ve done at work. Maybe you want to share something someone else has written that has had a positive effect on you.

It’s important that you don’t cause offence or say anything controversial online, but other than that the sky is the limit. Posting about what you enjoy will only draw in more people with similar interests! Just make sure it’s relevant to what you do.

Personally, at Team4You, we’re huge fans of videos. 1-2 minutes of you talking and sharing your insight helps your connections to feel connected in real time and better understand your point of view.

Just remember to be yourself.

Make LinkedIn your new partner in crime with these top tips. For more helpful advice and support, contact us here and follow us across our socials here: FacebookInstagramLinkedin.

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