• Nick Lewis T4Y

The problem with Recruitment companies.

It was with careful planning and preparation that we decided to create a new Recruitment business. During this planning stage, it was imperative that in order to be successful, we would have to take a look at, and challenge, the existing problems within the industry. From this research we were able to create a model to mitigate concerns and demonstrate that there is a better way of recruiting.

"Recruitment agencies just hurl CVs at you until one happens to be good”. Ahh the hurl and hope Technique. Tried and tested and frankly will bring a measure of success. The trouble is what on earth are you paying a recruiter for. Most people with an understanding of how to use a computer can match a job description with qualifications or experience then send a list of CV’s over. CVs are great, evidently necessary, but only as an indication of whether that person should be initially considered. The real work starts thereafter, and this should be what you are paying a professional service for. It starts with getting to know your business. Which simply means spending time within the business. Personality match is just as important as a skills match, businesses have a personality all of their own and its hugely important, when recruiting, to understand this. Added to this, unless you can produce an in-depth, 20-page job description, invariably details will be missed. Spending time within a business, will create an opportunity for us to understand the intricacies and nuances, which when matching suitable candidates, is simply a no brainer. Additionally, applicants need to be properly assessed, not just against our own standards, but against those of the company they are hoping to join. Another fair criticism that is often banded about is “How do I know you have properly assessed each candidate” – The simple answer is with our Assessment Model; you can see for yourself. We assess suitable candidates against measures, and film it. No longer will you receive 20 “Suitable” candidate CV’s for you to then do all the hard work. Instead, you will receive significantly less CV’s (Oh no, sin!). Approximately 3 for each role. BUT. Those CV’s will arrive in your inbox with….

· A video presentation where each candidate answers your interview questions (that have been designed with Team4you and the business that we are recruiting for)

· A write up on why each candidate is suitable (following one to one interviews)

· A score against measures designed by Team4you and the business that we are recruiting for)

· Technical testing results

The best part of all … This has thus far, cost absolutely nothing. A business will only be charged, if and when a candidate starts. – Better yet when our payment model means you have a 6-month guarantee, and only pay the fee (broken down evenly over 6 months) at the end of each month the candidate remains with your business. If they leave, during a month, don’t get charged for that month.

“They say they’ll call back, but they never do!” Worse still, I’ve heard recruiters have visited their prospective client’s business, and then just dropped off the face of the earth. I realise I don’t have all the answers here, and I’m sure there are very many and varied reasons for this. My best (educated) guess, is that, many recruiters are good salespeople, they are trained and hopefully skilled at unlocking the door and booking the meeting. The difficulty begins when that meeting is unqualified, a meeting where the businesses expectations cannot be met by the recruiter. Or challenging questions have been faced over the phone, and promises made, that cannot be backed up. Either way, a waste of time for everyone concerned.

Its not difficult to mitigate against this. We at Team4you, pledge to be honest, at all times, even when that means politely walking away. Whilst our model is designed to benefit a wide selection of businesses, there will be times, where we simply cannot be of benefit, we know this. A recent example of this is when we were asked to find a tool maker within 5 days at a salary less than the market average. – using only a very basic job description, and the company had no spare time to invite us in to understand more about the role / company. Taking the honest approach meant we had to politely decline. In todays climate, of high employment, low immigration and a huge skills shortage, it would have proved too much of a commercial risk to take the aforementioned hurl and hope approach. With the risk that if we got “lucky” that candidate may not have been a suitable match in all other respects. Some people reading this may consider that a wasted opportunity, but we were honest, everybody knows where we stand, and the door is always open. Sometimes knowing when to walk away, rather than over promising and underdelivering, is hard to do. But its always the right thing to do.

“Recruiters take a fat commission for just a bit of admin work” I couldn’t agree more. It’s a common perception, likely born out of reality, If all we did was to charge you for sending over CV’s against a job description, to charge anything more than a nominal fee would be, in my opinion, greedy, and frankly it gives recruiters a bad name. I believe in earning your crust. How would you feel if you had spent time carefully preparing a job description, to hand it over to a recruiter, for them to post it online and await the response, only to then send you 10 CV’s for you to sort out. Then to be charged a fee for the privilege.

Conversely, Now imagine, The Job description is written for you, with you, Then you get carefully selected Profiles of top candidates, that are fully versed on the job details, as well as all the intricacies of the company, are sent over to you, with a video of those candidates answering your specific interview questions. Choose who you like, then let Team4you assess further, against your own specific criteria. Then only pay if you choose to employ our candidates. – Certainly not just a bit of admin work, and definitely not a fat commission.

“They don’t know anything about the jobs they’re recruiting for”Many recruiters view themselves as salespeople, and they’re more than happy to use a scatter shot approach in their marketing efforts. The question here is do good salespeople make good recruiters? I’m certain some do. Clearly it is important to have people promoting your business. Team4you have taken a rather different approach to this, preferring our client’s kind words and good will to shout about how good we are.

There would be no point in pretending we are the experts in your business. You are. We are the experts in recruitment. Our talent managers are not salespeople, their time and effort goes in to learning all about your business and recruiting the perfect people for it.

“Contractually, if I sign their terms, I have to sign an exclusivity clause, meaning I can’t go anywhere else” Although this is a dated practice, it is still prevalent in our industry. If we take all of the previous points, Hurling CV’s at you, never calling back, charging a fat fee for some admin work, and not knowing about the job…and demanding exclusivity on that. – It seems comical and ludicrous. Yet this is still a common practice. In all instances, Team4you will provide a much better service, and in addition will never ask for exclusivity. It quickly became evident when researching why people don’t like recruitment businesses, that this was a particular bug bear. We believe in putting our money where our mouth is. If we are good enough (ahem, we definitely are), then we will be your preferred supplier. Simply – If we are not, we wouldn’t expect you to stick around….Importantly, neither should you!


For all of the reasons above, Recruitment companies have a deservedly bad reputation. Our aim when setting up Team4you was to change these perceptions, realign the balance of providing a good service with charging a fair price, to do all of this in an environmentally friendly and ethical way with innovation and technology at the forefront of all that we do.