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About Us

We are an experienced, hard-working and dedicated team of professionals!


We place the right people in the right jobs across the UK.


Find the perfect fit for your team. Your initial consultation with us is free!


Stay up-to-date with all our latest industry news, company updates and candidate tips!

About Us

We are an experienced, hard-working and dedicated team of professionals!


We place the right people in the right jobs across the West Midlands and North West.


Find the perfect fit for your team. Your initial consultation with us is free!


Stay up-to-date with all our latest industry news, company updates and candidate tips!

Building your team!

From how we recruit through to how we interview and even how we charge, our approach is different. This allows us to provide our candidates with the best possible support and our clients with the best possible team.

In addition to our approach, the experience is there too, of course. Our two directors alone have over 30 years’ combined knowledge within recruitment, driven by an ethos to provide innovative, honest, responsive and results-driven solutions to both clients and candidates.

As well as operating by a strict code of ethics, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. Despite our growth, it took us a year to get through a pack of paper!

If you have found recruiting a struggle in the past, something which causes you an emotional and financial headache, please get in touch, you can book your FREE consultation here.

Transforming your recruitment experience

Transforming your recruitment experience

Payment Structure

We are dedicated to protecting you, and this is how we do it:

1 – Your invoice will be broken in to 6 monthly payments.

2 – If our candidate leaves during their first 6 months, no invoices will be due for that month and no further payments needed.

3 – No need to chase us for a rebate and no quibbles.

Meet our team


Business Director

My colleagues would say that I do the boring stuff, I might be inclined to agree with them. My background is in recruitment, with that, I have a wealth of experience in all of the processes needed to stay compliant and offer a fantastic service to both our candidates and clients. All the things you do not see – That’s me!


X-Ray Vision / Observation. Although I do not have X-Ray Eyes, I do have an extraordinary eye for detail and the ability to step back and analyse a situation, then respond to the evidence.


Operations Director

I started my recruitment career as a Recruitment Consultant aged 20, armed only with a yellow pages, handwritten call cards and a fax machine. Since then I have seen many changes, not only in technology and communication but also positive changes in legislation, not least the introduction of the National Minimum Wage.

Fast forward to the present day and I can look back and say with certainty, that throughout all of the many ups and downs over the years, my passion for recruitment has always grown. I have made many mistakes along the way, but I have learned from each and every one of them, and always strived to right the wrongs. I am proud of the goals I have achieved and the challenges I have overcome, but you will never find me complacent and I take nothing for granted!

I am passionate about doing things properly, there are no half measures, you will still find me on the front lines in the office, rolling my sleeves up and getting stuck in with the team, however, my main responsibility is to make sure our service exceeds the level our clients expect from us by supporting and developing our team to ensure everyone adheres to the vision and values of our company – Innovation, straightforwardness, honesty and adaptability.


The ability to wake up at 5:30am without fail every single morning. Even weekends. I’m yet to discover the intended use for such extraordinary powers, but I’m hoping one day they will become clear.


Compliance Manager

My background was in Health and Social Care, having begun my career as a Therapeutic Support Worker in 2005, I have risen through the ranks, studying along the way and reached my ultimate goal in 2013 when I became an Ofsted Registered Manager. Following this, I took a little time out to care for my young family before continuing my career working in Operations for an NHS Service.

In 2019 I was given a fantastic opportunity to join Team4You from the very beginning of the Company in April 2019 as a Talent Manager. Since then I have been promoted to Branch Manager, which means I wear a lot of hats! I am involved with staff training and development, monitoring branch performance and sales and marketing. I have also recently began to monitor Compliance on behalf of Team4You which has meant a steep learning curve, being involved with audits and tracking changes to policies and procedures.

I really enjoy the diversity the role offers and have built some very strong professional working relationships with a variety of different clients and candidates. With my Commercial background, I am able to represent candidates and clients alike, by providing in-depth knowledge of both industries, ensuring high levels of Service on both sides.

I am very excited about the future of our Company and know that our core values which we have developed as a team, will allow us to practice ethical, innovative recruitment, which I am positive will add value to businesses of all shapes and sizes.


Being a full-time working Mum…no further explanation is necessary!


Senior Account Manager

I’m the senior account manager at Team4You. My job is to travel all over the country, setting up large contracts, and managing them until they are ready to be passed over to Account managers.


Communication. Both verbally and non-verbally. I can speak, English, Romanian, Italian, Spanish and some Russian. The experience I have gathered throughout my career has taught me how to read people well.


Senior Recruitment Consultant

I’ve been in Business Development and Account Management for nearly 10 years. My continued love of communication and meeting new people stemmed from studying for a BA Hons Degree in Theatre and Politics. I’m originally from Falmouth, Cornwall however I worked in London for almost 4 years before relocating to Shropshire. I was offered an incredible opportunity with Team4You in September 2020 amid the midst of a pandemic, after being made redundant and in all honesty, it’s been a blessing in disguise; it’s so refreshing to join a company with the same moral and ethical values as myself and I’m nothing but excited to continue a career with them as an integral part of the team.


Enhanced Gut Instinct – Both in my personal life and in my career, I’ve always gone on instinct, it’s never failed me


Recruitment Consultant

As have many, unfortunately, I was also a victim of redundancy following the COVID pandemic. Thankfully my positive, don’t give up attitude afforded me the opportunity to realign my career from retail sales into recruitment!

My role involves a great deal of hard work, my core aim is to provide a high level of service to my clients and candidates, both of whom trust me to act in their best interests and understand what they are looking for. This means developing and maintaining strong professional relationships alongside effectively communicating on both sides to ensure transparency.

Recruitment is certainly not a 9-5 role and one that is at times extremely challenging, however also extremely rewarding. There is nothing I love more in my job than knowing I have not only sourced my client that needle in the haystack they have been looking for, but I have also helped a candidate land their dream job. Matchmaking at its best!


Taking in Information and retaining it and being able to recall it without prompt

Candidate Tips - How to Write a Knockout CV!

CVs! The bane of the job seekers’ existence. Luckily for you, we’ve put together our top three tips for writing a knockout CV.

What Our Clients Say

…Team4You were offering a refreshing and new approach to how they undertook the challenge of providing us with a recruitment solution. I was delighted with what was on offer, and the simplicity that it offered. The proposal was simple and was based around a “Let us get to know you” proposal. Team4You already had extensive recruitment knowledge, and were keen to demonstrate their industry knowledge and how they operate...

Charles Pierce MIoD,
Managing Director, Darwin Group

…From our initial meeting, it was evident Team4you cared not only about our company but also going to the eighth degree to understand and find out how our company operates both in the professional sense but also the culture of the company.....

Ben Lillywhite,
Director, InsureThat

I have had the pleasure of working with Jess from Team4You over the last few months and would have no hesitation in recommending Team4You - from a fresh and innovative approach to recruitment with a great passion for customer service to going the extra mile, getting to know and understand the company, the culture and the requirements of the role to ensure only those who fit the bill are put forward.

Communication during the whole process was excellent.

Debbie Brooks,
Human Resources Manager, Lanyon Bowdler Solicitors

Team4you provided us with an excellent service when we were looking for a senior member of our team. Their commitment to sourcing the right quality of candidate was borne out in the time they spent on site, making a short video about the role and meeting with our team.

It really felt like they understood our culture and therefore were able to provide with two high-quality candidates for the position. We will definitely be using them again as their approach was so much more innovative and effective than other agencies.

Dave Courteen,
Managing Director, Mosaic Spa & Health Clubs, The Shrewsbury Club

Free Client Consultation

An initial consultation with Team4You is free, whether you want to speak on the phone, Zoom or face-to-face. We have offices in Birmingham, Shrewsbury, Cornwall, Lincolnshire and Liverpool, and naturally we adhere to all the Government’s safety guidelines

Our Mission

To be educators and leaders in ethical recruitment.

To create amazing opportunities for driven people.

To never ask for exclusivity. We are confident in our service.

To do things the right way, always.

To provide the highest standards of service and care.

To become the partner you wouldn't be without.

Transforming Your Recruitment Experience

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