From raw materials to the finished product

The nature of making new products requires a workforce with a broad range of skills. Workes that can undertake physical and dexterous tasks with precision are key. Team4You understand the need for an integrated team – from the skilled and semi-skilled assembly staff through to quality control and management.

Team4You can source and supply workers for the following roles –

  • Assembly Line Workers – Hand or Tool Based
  • Welders, Solderers and Brazers
  • Machine Operators
  • Inspectors and Quality Control
  • Production Managers

Businesses who operate within a manufacturing capacity need accuracy and precision at all times to ensure profitability and strict quality controls are met. Ensuring the workforce behind your business are up to the task is a challenge that Team4You are highly experienced in addressing.


Roles within the manufacturing sector often require qualifications and training. If this is offered on-site then Team4You can work with your HR team to ensure inductions, training and reviews are all carried out in accordance with your standards and those of your industry.

If training is not in-house we can tailor a package for you that prepares candidates to have the necessary certifications through our network of approved training providers.

How we support your staff

We take the wellbeing of your workforce seriously – very seriously.

Additional support is provided to all workers who we manage on your behalf, provide a range of core services as an additional assurance to your legal obligations and duties. This can be accessed through our onsite support team making it simple for workers to be supported.

These core services include –

  • Setting up a bank account
  • Education opportunities for workers and their families
  • Immigration status and advice

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