Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Team4You work with you to fulfil all staffing requirements within the FMCG sector. Team4You can source and supply workers for the following roles –

  • Food Production Operatives
  • Assembly Line Operators
  • Packing Workers
  • Supervisors / Team Leaders
  • Warehouse and Goods In/Out Operatives
  • Quality and Hygiene Workers

Businesses who operate within the FMCG sector provide essential products to consumers, producing goods that are usually high volume and low cost. Ensuring the workforce behind FMCG manufacturing and distribution presents a number of unique challenges that Team4You are highly experienced in addressing.


The nature of the work involved on the factory floor can result in a high turnover of staff, leading to an increased recruitment need coupled with an ongoing demand for training.

We have experience in effective recruitment practices to ensure only suitable candidates are selected, vetting each one to ensure their legal status is correct, and that they will be able to undertake any physical or technical tasks the role requires.

How we support your staff

We take the wellbeing of your workforce seriously – very seriously.

Additional support is provided to all workers who we manage on your behalf, provide a range of core services as an additional assurance to your legal obligations and duties. This can be accessed through our onsite support team making it simple for workers to be supported.

These core services include –

  • Setting up a bank account
  • Education opportunities for workers and their families
  • Immigration status and advice

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