About us

More than just a recruitment company

At Team4You, we are dedicated to fully understanding every aspect of your business. We will spend as much time as possible with you, getting to know you, your workforce and your culture so as to understand all the positives as well as any of the challenges you may face. Your expectations are just as important to us as the job roles.

How we are doing

Our client pledge includes full transparency around how we deliver what we promise








Where we deliver

Initial consultation

We always look for the solution that meets your needs, not just the easy way. We will give it to you how it is, and work with you in delivering results – (even if it means a hard conversation)

Ongoing accountability

We pride ourselves on our fulfilment rates, we hang our reputation on them!, That’s why we regularly publish our KPI’s. Furthermore, we have a robust Management Information System, meaning we can tailor our KPI reporting to fit your needs exactly.

Stay approachable

We may have a national reach across a broad range of client sectors, but our management are deliberately approachable at all times. We encourage clients and workers to engage with us.

Always ethical

We keep the best interests of our people, our clients and anyone who works with us a priority above all else. We constantly challenge ourselves to deliver on our promises – but only in a moral and ethical way.


Team4You are an approved Gangmasters & Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) licence holder. The GLAA scheme has been put in place to protect the rights of workers within certain sectors – something we feel passionate about.

Working with a GLAA licenced recruitment company ensures the following –

  • Workers receive fair treatment, the pay, benefits and conditions they are entitled to.
  • Labour providers are not undercut by those who pay less than the minimum wage or avoid tax. Industry standards are raised.
  • Labour users can check their workers come from a legitimate provider and are informed if their labour provider’s licence is revoked.
  • Consumers can be assured that their food has been picked and packed in an ethical environment. Illegal activities which lead to a loss of public revenue – income tax, VAT and NI – are reduced.