A good job post is essential to attract the right candidates


A good job post should not be a list of requirements, it should motivate potential candidates to take action. Creating an appealing job post is key to attracting strong candidates – regardless of the job role.

DID YOU KNOW – It takes the majority of candidates 14 seconds to decide whether to keep reading your job post or move on to the next one.

What does a good job post look like?

Our team have written many job posts for our clients over the years. Remember the main aim is not to race through the entire recruitment process in a lengthy document, but ONLY to encourage potential candidates to apply – that’s it. Keeping the overall post under 600 words is the ideal length to keep your candidates attention and ensures you do not expand more than is necessary to achieve your goal – applications.

You want to attract applications from candidates with the right skills, attitude and mindset for the position you are offering. To do this your job post needs to be discoverable and attractive – so make sure you include the following in your job post.

A clear description

With few exceptions, potential job-seekers will be searching online using a computer or mobile device. Writing a concise description will need to appeal to search engines as well as candidates so stick to industry-standard job-titles and avoid using buzz-words, slang or emojis. Use clear language that is easy for a candidate to scan through for the keywords they are looking for – you only have 14 seconds remember.

Defined responsibilities

What skills will your candidate need to use on a day-to-day basis? You need to list the specific tasks that they will need to have experience with, or will need to show potential for being trained for. You should keep responsibilities and qualifications to a maximum of five or six bullet points.
Try to avoid using generic requirements like ‘must be able to work to a deadline’ as these should be expected from every candidate and just bloat out your list of specific requirements.

Clearly outlined salary and benefits

Candidates want to know up-front what they can earn, and will appreciate transparency into what is guaranteed and any potential bonuses or perks that come with the role. Benefits should be listed separately to make them more visible, and to ensure you do not over-promise on the standard salary you are offering. Never assume the role or your company reputation is enough to attract the best candidates.

Details of growth opportunities

If there are opportunities for your employees to progress through the ranks – make it clear how this can be achieved. Explain any upskilling that will be offered on-the-job but do not assume all employees will regard training as something they will do in their own time.

Company Support and Community

While it may not be the main factor in whether a candidate responds to your job post, it is still important to describe what an employee can expect working for your company. This is particularly important when part of a large workforce where staff will want to feel supported and able to voice any concerns they might have. At Team4You we place a great deal of resource on putting a community model in place that ensures an employee has access to advice and guidance when needed.

Trust Team4You to ensure a good job post for your roles

Team4You specialise in recruiting for the FMCG, Manufacturing, Logistics and Warehousing sectors. Our experienced staff will understand your business as well as the best way to attract the right candidates for the positions you need to have filled. This means you can carry on focusing on the operations of your business whilst we take care of your team.

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