Are Unskilled Workers what you are really looking for?


Unskilled workers don’t exist.

As recruitment professionals, we are often expected to categorise the services we offer into ‘skilled’ and ‘unskilled’ prepositions. This division would then be used to justify wage structures, responsibilities, training, and recruitment, in which ‘unskilled’ workers would be assumed to expect lower pay, fewer duties, and minimal training.

Every day our workforce management team experience first-hand the skills required for your workforce to deliver high production targets, with an expectation of quality at every point. This requires training, responsibility, motivation, and skill. All of these make the suggested title of ‘unskilled worker’ sound less and less accurate.

So why should this matter to you as an employer?

At Team4You we have always understood the value of every member of staff in an organisation – from the very top down to the shop floor, and ensure this value is felt by the workforce you trust us to manage on your behalf.

Now more than ever, staff want to feel valued. We have seen a change in how employees see their positions across the industries we serve. Staff are more likely to seek out another employer if they do not feel valued, or do not feel they are receiving sufficient training and support.

Team4You offers support and services to every member of your workforce under our supervision, providing assistance on core matters such as education, family and financial support. It is, for this reason, that we are able to prove an exceptionally high retention rate and why we are proud to publish our KPI performance regularly.

We really stand by our word – and our ‘skilled’ workforce.

Why Team4You have always stood up for Unskilled Workers

Management teams are now realising the value of their employees and are desperate to retain and recruit staff. This has been at the heart of everything we stand for since we began recruiting and we are happy to see attitudes aligning with our company ethos and mantra.

With this comes more need to train staff, increase benefits, truly value every employee in your organisation, and pave the way for every employee to be a skilled worker.

Trust Team4You to upskill your workforce

As a recruitment specialist for FMCG and other fast-paced industries, we are well-placed to assist you with your workforce management needs. Our management teams are proven in supporting large workforces, supporting and training to a high level that improves retention.

Investing in your workforce recruitment service will bring financial benefits to your business – get in touch with us today and we can begin to show you how we can help your business benefit.