Employers – Be careful where you cut your costs on recruitment!

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Regardless of the sector you operate in, every business has been affected by increased costs in 2022. As a country, we are navigating from one possible recession to another and witnessing one of the widest-reaching cost increase patterns to hit retail in a generation.

The increase in costs of raw materials, energy, transport, and everything in between is resulting in every industry telling us that times are tough!

The employers we work with in sectors such as food processing and production, manufacturing and other fast-moving products have always needed to ensure their recruitment process is robust and able to keep the factory floor operating and the machines on.

Despite these rising costs we strongly advise employers to proceed with caution when looking at the workforce as a potential cost-saving exercise.

Cutting costs in the wrong places can have a real negative effect on your bottom line.

As an industry, we are seeing competitors offer reduced rates – beyond what we see as being feasible in the long term. Our many years of experience in workforce recruitment tell us this just does not work. For this reason, we are standing by our prices for good reason and will challenge anyone to justify how going below industry levels for staffing costs can be viable.

Stability is more important now than ever, shortcutting the recruitment process can lead to the wrong people being employed, lower standards of training and a higher turnover of staff. All these things will lead to higher recruitment costs in real terms.

At Team4You, we have always been strong believers in the benefits of investing in your workforce. Providing the right environment, with the right attitude to staff well-being is core to our Community Model that is more important now than ever before.

Work with Team4You to maximise your recruitment spend

Our specialist workforce recruitment team can advise the best way to maximise your employment budget. With cost-savings being the likely outlook for 2023, let’s work together and make sure every pound invested provides value for your business.

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