Listening to your workforce is essential – we do it on your behalf

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Listening to your workforce sounds obvious, but is this something that is seen as a core part of your HR management programme? At Team4You we believe the community that a large workforce creates needs to be listened to so that staff concerns do not become problems. As a result you get a happy and productive workforce.

Without a reliable workforce, the output of your business is at risk. Other agencies may concentrate on volume and numbers over staff retention.

Team4You do not believe this should be the case and build into all our employer strategies a model to change this. Our community model promises to address essential areas that make a real difference for your production workforce.

The Team4You Community Model

We believe as a minimum every worker should feel listened to and appreciated. Team4You then take that a step further through the Community Model that is delivered to your workforce through our on-site team.

We provide essential benefits to your workforce helping them with their basic living needs. These benefits include assistance with –

  • Health and Wellness
  • Family and Parenting
  • Financial Advice
  • Education/Skills
  • Work-Life Balance

Staff Incentives and Motivation

As part of the Community Model we also provide incentives and bonuses to ensure workers feel valued and to encourage staff development. We reward effort through worker of the week and month awards. We also provide incentives for recommending a friend. These are just two of the extra benefits we provide.

Why listening to staff matters

We take our responsibility seriously as your recruitment provider. From the first interview we are investing time in every employee we manage on your behalf. Finding people who are right for your business is important to us. We believe sourcing the right people is only the beginning though. Providing a channel for staff to ask for guidance and advice means staff feel listened to.
We regularly help your workers to register with a GP, get their children enrolled in school and other basic lifestyle tasks. All this makes the workforce happier, and we believe a happy workforce is a productive one.

Part of a tailored plan

All these benefits are can be provided by Team4You as part of an overall recruitment strategy tailored to your business. Your business not only benefits from a more productive workforce but is seen to be investing in the longevity of the staff at every level of the business.

To find out more about our Community Model and how it sets us apart from other recruitment providers get in touch with our team today. Use our contact form here, email us at or give us a call on 01743 627237

You can also download the Introduction to Team4You brochure here