Onboarding – 6 effective ways to improve the process


The onboarding process is the first real experience any new employee has of your business. This is why it’s so important to have a process in place that prioritises your new starters. Having an effective onboarding process can increase your retention rates by 82%, lowering your employee turnover rates and new hire costs. Your employees are also more likely to feel positive at work and be more motivated leading to a happier team.

Here are a few ways to improve your onboarding process:

Start from the first touch with your recruitment team

The first touch your recruitment team has with potential candidates should be the start of the employee onboarding journey. This is the candidate’s first impression of the business and is a great opportunity to demonstrate the business values through the recruiters. It also provides an opportunity to begin building the all-important relationship between the business and employees.

Communicate regularly and effectively

No one wants to feel in the dark when they’re considering a potential job opportunity. Maintaining high levels of communication with your new team members will not only ensure your team has all the knowledge they need to succeed but also strengthen the relationship the employee has with the business.

Speak to your current workforce

The best way to find out what your employees want is to ask them! Work with your existing staff to find out how they found the onboarding process. What would they expect from future training? Be open to feedback and honest answers from your team for the best results and utilise your staff to help them develop and implement their own ideas.

Implement team-building exercises

Fitting into and working as part of the team is essential for all new starters. To improve their onboarding experience and help them feel a part of the team, make sure you include team-building opportunities during induction.

Help your employees use their benefits

Whilst offering a wide range of employee benefits is great, employees sometimes aren’t fully aware of what benefits they have and how they can use them. During the onboarding process, take some time with your new staff members. Explain fully all the benefits they are entitled to and how they can use these. Employee benefits can range depending on your industry and if you’re unsure, Team4You can help advise on what your staff might need when they begin work.

Utilise a company like Team4You for the expert touch

If you’re in the FMCG, Manufacturing, Logistics and Warehousing sectors we can help. Here at Team4You, we specialise in a range of recruitment and employee wellbeing services. Our services are tailored to your business needs and objectives and provide a one-stop shop for recruitment and employee management including the onboarding process. This means you can carry on focusing on the operations of your business whilst we take care of your team.

Creating a good onboarding process takes time and your processes will develop over time and adapt with your workforce. By providing a great first experience, you can provide a better working environment for your team and keep them looked after. If you have a small recruitment department or don’t have one at all, Team4You can help provide a range of services for your workforce. Get in touch to find out more.