Recruiting in a Candidate Shortage Market; a Recruiter’s Guide


Recruiting is key for a business to grow and develop, but it can easily be done wrong.

Often, recruitment isn’t treated as a priority. We understand that all members of the team are busy, and it can be easily forgotten about.

There are some common mistakes that are made when recruiting, especially in talent shortages and here is how to best address them.

How do you look for candidates in a talent shortage?

With so many companies clamouring for the best talent, it’s important to avoid missing out on a qualified candidate by not using an external recruitment agency.

The biggest mistake that organisations make is relying solely on in-house resources and colleagues when they are looking to recruit someone new. Missing out because you have given the responsibility to someone that has a 3-foot stack of documents on their desk already, is not going to give you a fighting chance at looking for candidates.

It may sound simple, but the root of the problem may not be that there is a talent shortage but instead an advertisement shortage.

Ask yourself – Am I being proactive in looking for candidates? Is this being given my full attention or is it taking a backseat? If yes to the latter, then you may need to reevaluate your approach…

Should I offer flexible work arrangements and a benefits package?


Flexibility is the perfect solution and will help with both attracting candidates and extending the talent pool. By adding flexible work arrangements, such as location, it grows the talent opportunities and removes restrictions between your business and candidates.

Another way in which you need to be flexible is with your expectations. You must be open to the idea that not every candidate is going to be the perfect fit. This is where the writing of your job description is crucial. Leave out the long list of specific requirements and narrow it down to what your business truly needs from them.

Think transferable skills. Think, what could they bring that’s new? That’s how you’ll get those much desired ‘breath of fresh air’ candidates.

How important is employer branding?

A talent shortage may feel out of your control like there’s no way for you to avoid it. But there are things you can do. The first step is to make your business look and feel like the best place to work.

How businesses operate has changed, and so have the people applying.

Candidates are becoming increasingly selective about where they work and what businesses they apply to. Research shows that 40% of candidates that accept counter-offers search for another job within a year. This demonstrates that money is not the only motivator.

Aspects like company culture and strong company values are important to display to possible future employees to draw them in, not only to the job, but the business as a whole.

Team4You are here to prioritise you and your business. We understand that you are the experts in what you do, and Team4You are the experts in finding the right people to do it.

We have the time, resources, energy, and experience to solve your talent shortage and recruit the right candidates for you.

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