Why People Choose To Temp


Temping may not seem appealing, but it might be the best career move you ever make


Why would people choose to temp? What do they get out of it, and doesn’t it harm their long-term career goals?


In today’s fast-paced society, where technology is constantly changing and updating, and human skills and input are becoming unnecessary in some industries, temping can offer many benefits…


New Skills and Experiences 


Working in different job roles, sometimes in different industries, allows you to work on multiple software systems, within manufacturing departments, or with other working structures. 


As a temp, not only will you learn how to adapt to new workplaces and their procedures, but you will also meet new people constantly. 


This helps you develop people skills, communication skills, and how to be flexible and adaptable, as well as working skills that will be transferable.




If you happen to be studying, are a musician or artist, share custody of your children, or don’t like to work on Wednesdays (no judgement here!), temping offers flexibility.


Temping can offer you freedom and control over your schedule, which is something permanent employees don’t tend to be able to do. 


As a temp, you can set your working availability to suit you and any other commitments you may have in life.


Minimise Employment Gaps – Survive Being Unemployed 


You may choose to temp to make sure there are no large gaps on your CV whilst you are interviewing for a permanent role.


You may also choose to temp in between permanent roles if you cannot afford to be out of work.


Temping can keep skills fresh and keep you in a good routine of getting up and having a purpose while waiting to start a new permanent role.


Enhance Your Network


If you choose to temp long-term, you will generally meet many people.


Managers, supervisors, colleagues, suppliers, visitors to the business, etc. Many people.


A savvy temp would add folks to their LinkedIn or Facebook to build relationships and keep in touch.


In a small industry or local area as a temp, you could become well-known and could undoubtedly build a rolodex of people to contact for a reference, a job or even a beer!


Introduction to New Industries 


If you have worked in the same field forever, a temp position can open up new industries and opportunities.


Temping can open doors to an industry you’ve always liked the idea of but didn’t know too much about. 


Temping can help to develop the skills needed to start a new career too. Choosing a temp role in a new industry could even be an opportunity you had never even considered.


Discover Hidden Skills or Talents 


Do you believe you are only good at X type of work or can only ever work within X industry?


Choosing temporary positions may open you up to new experiences or tasks you have never done before, creating opportunities for professional growth. 


You may shine in a role you never knew you were capable of, opening up new doors and possibilities for you.


Take a Career Break 


You may choose to temp because you have been in the same industry for 20-odd years, are bored to tears, and just can’t take another day of it!


You may also want to change careers or simply want to take a role with less responsibility if you are suffering from burnout, for example.


Or, you may choose to temp during a career break to asses yourself and your life before you commit to a permanent role.





If you’ve worked full-time for your whole life, you may choose to temp as a way to stay mentally and physically active without the commitment to an employer.


If you’ve chosen to retire and are more bored than a bored thing, you may decide to work a few days per week. Therefore, temping would suit you perfectly.


Travel The World


You may choose to temp during a gap year or to finance yourself to travel the world.


Temping can be picked up when money is needed and used as a ‘plan B’ if travelling funds run low.


Moving On


If you do not like the work, the company, the people or the tasks, you can leave the role (after speaking with your consultant, obviously!).


Temping allows jobs and roles to end without the drama of leaving employment, without the nerve-wracking writing of a notice letter, and without the awkward period between handing in your notice and leaving.


Why People Choose to Temp with Team4You


Team4You has many candidate benefits, such as:


  • A contract of employment withTeam4You


  • Accrued holiday pay 


  • Help to set up bank accounts 


  • Help with GPs and schools


  • English speaking help and classes if needed


  • + Many more 


Team4You has:


  • Excellent fulfilment rates – we keep our temps in work 


  • Armed Forces Covenant – We work with the Armed Forces to help leavers start their new lives on ‘civvy street’


  • Nationwide coverage – Temp with us all over the UK 

To find out more about Team4You and how you can become a temp, or if you are a company, how we can provide you with referenced, reliable temporary staff, please visit our website, email us, or call us on 01743 627 237.