Why So Many People Hate Recruiters


Quite often we come across clients, prospective clients, and jobseekers who have a negative view of recruiters and on the recruitment industry as a whole.

“Recruitment agencies don’t know a thing about the jobs they’re recruiting for…”

“They take a huge commission for doing a tiny bit of admin…”

“They don’t care about their workers at all…”

We get it. Some agencies are sharks. Some agencies don’t care. Some agencies have a bad rep. And it reflects badly on all of us.

What we’re doing to change that

At the end of the day, it’s about our reputation and what we do to uphold it. We aren’t like other recruitment agencies. And aren’t we glad about that!

If clients ask why they should work with us, we simply reply, “Why not?”

We’re honest

First and foremost, we believe in transparency. Our team is dedicated to protecting everyone’s assets and best interests.

One example of how we achieve this is in the break-down of our charge rates for clients.

Ahead of time, we think you should know that your invoice will be split into 6 monthly payments, no payment will be due for that month if our candidate leaves within their first 6 months, and there will never be any need to chase us for a rebate.

For our clients, we provide you with all the information you could possibly need before asking for any commitment.

We have nothing to hide. We show holiday pay, for example, on candidates’ payslips; we list working time directive; we show pension contributions.

Everything is fully transparent in the charge rate.

And that’s just the start of why we’re different!

So, if you’re coming around to the idea of recruiters, and you want an honest answer, please get in touch on 01743 627404 or click here.

Because honestly, honesty is the best policy in every business.

Take care and catch you soon.